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  • Sourcemap

    Sourcemap wants to show in a map the supply chain for a given product, calculating the carbon footprint of producing and delivering that product.

  • Madrid threatens squatter enclave of 40 years

    A squatter enclave that’s been existing for over 40 years near Madrid, Spain, is going to be razed and most of the neigbours will be forced to live, as not all will be eligible for rehousing. Under the plan, the worst areas of the community of 40,000 will be bulldozed to make way for a…

  • Every night, a car gets burned in Berlin

    Anti-gentrification arsonists are burning luxury cars in Berlin neighbourhoods or suburbs where gentrification processes are taking place. Other targets include police cars, and vehicles of DHL, a company that provides logistics services for the German Army: They occur at a rate of nearly one a night, without warning or fanfare. By the time the police…

  • Occupied factory in London, Einfield

    Workers in a plant of car parts manufacturer Visteon located in Einfield have occupied and locked themselves in the factory after they were fired without wages due and redundancy pay.

  • Squatting as a last resort

    As the number of foreclosed homes grows in the United States, so do the numbers of people who are left without a home. Most of them cannot afford buying or renting a new house, and so they resort to squat, their own house or another one.

  • «This is just the beginning»

    A misterious organization called Bank Bosses are criminals claimed being the ones who vandalized the house of Fred Goodwin, the former CEO of Bank of Scotland who refused to give up to part of his 700.00€ a year pension.